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    I just got the following message, and I don't know how to do what it says. Also, maybe this is a coincidence, but whenever I try to go to my inbox on yahoo, it says "connection refused." It lets me log in with my old account that I used last year, though.

    I went to the e-mail setup thing on my BB. I entered my password, and it said it was invalid. I tried it twice. I never changed my password!

    Update the password for email in the BlackBerry Internet Service! Email messages from [email] are not being delivered to your BlackBerry device. To resume receiving email messages from this email address, update the password for email in the BlackBerry Internet Service:

    1. Open your BlackBerry Internet Service account by completing one of the following actions:

    * Click the email setup application on your device.
    * Using a browser on your computer, visit the BlackBerry Internet Service web site.

    2. Go to the Email Accounts page.
    3. Edit email
    4. Update the Password field.
    5. Click Save.

    Email Account Information:
    Email Address: [email]
    Email Account Name: [email]

    -- Automatically generated email: Do Not Reply to this email --
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    03-14-09 02:14 AM
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    Did you get your email to work? Was just browsing through pages and saw no one helped you on this one.
    Did you go to the blackberry site? Smartphones, Cell Phones & Smart Phones at BlackBerry.com and change your settings there? When you type your password into BB are you making sure to use your caps key and number keys correctly? I know it sounds stupid but I've done it a couple times, especially things like passwords when it just comes up with astericks and you can't see what you are typing.
    08-31-09 07:14 AM
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    Yes, I did get my e-mail to work. Thanks for replying!
    08-31-09 08:57 AM
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    Ya no worries, was scrolling through the past posts and saw that no one helped. What ended up being the issue?
    08-31-09 12:44 PM