1. gemsong's Avatar
    Ok awhile ago I put in an entry in my calendar to show up every day. I didn't realize it would do this permanently, and I now want to delete this entry. I have deleted hundreds of them but they keep repopulating. I have been all over the calendar and cannot find any option to permanently delete this. When I look at the individual entry it says recurrence none.

    How do I get this off my phone??
    08-05-09 02:02 PM
  2. pdcpony's Avatar
    Delete the "series" not the individual entry. If you press delete, it should ask you "series", "entry" or "cancel".

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    08-05-09 02:21 PM
  3. gemsong's Avatar
    It doesn't ask me if I want to delete the series. Can you walk me through that so I know I'm doing it right?
    08-05-09 02:34 PM
  4. pdcpony's Avatar
    go to calendar, then entery. press delete. what does it say?
    08-05-09 03:43 PM
  5. gemsong's Avatar
    I hit delete, it says delete appt? options are delete or cancel. If I click delete it deletes that single entry and I still have the other daily entries.
    08-05-09 04:18 PM
  6. gemsong's Avatar
    Bumping for help

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    08-17-09 03:31 AM
  7. pdcpony's Avatar
    Ooooo. Sorry bud. Doesn't make sense. I have no idea.

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    08-17-09 03:34 AM
  8. brett328's Avatar
    Are you synced with google calendar?

    If not, you can sync with googgle calendar and then edit the series on google.

    Or if your synced with outlook, try it thru outlook.

    its easy to do either of these, and you might find it very helpful for other reasons as well.
    08-17-09 08:55 AM