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    Just got a BB Curve 8320. Put my AT&T sim card in and had service with the phone one time and was able to send and receive texts. After I lost service that first time I have not gotten it back. Asked for help at AT&T, even had them give me a new sim card for the phone and still nothing. Even tried a hard reset in case I had changed a setting I shouldn't have. This is happening in an area where I know i have service. Have already made sure the radio is on. Completely lost, please help. Thanks
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    06-17-10 02:56 PM
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    wipe your OS than installed it again
    07-10-10 02:30 PM
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    Check your settings under Menu/Options/SMS and MMS. Unlike other people I don't believe wiping and re installing the OS is the first thing you need to do. And it is always an option, so you may as well try other options first. To me it makes as much sense as replacing the motor in your car because you got a flat. Keep me posted.

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    07-10-10 09:30 PM
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    Try registering:
    Register Device: Click options> click advanced options> roll down and click host routing table> press your menu key> select register now> click back and close.

    PS Albee is right about wiping and reinstalling you OS. That should be a last step - especially for problem like this.
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    07-10-10 10:42 PM
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    You can also call your carrier and have them push service books to your bb.

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    07-11-10 02:51 PM