1. not_a_master_yet's Avatar
    I just recently bought my first bb about 2 months ago I am trying to see if anyone knows how i can get the phone to let me listen to an online radio station that requires a flash player wfan.com is the web site? and if anyone knows how to get xm with out having to get another xm subscription?
    08-08-09 01:40 AM
  2. redhdgirl417's Avatar
    XM online now charges even those of us that are current subscribers (have it in my H3)...no longer free.

    I downloaded a couple of the free internet phone apps off the m.crackberry.com site (free BB apps) and they work great.
    08-08-09 01:30 PM
  3. melhiore's Avatar
    Try moodio.fm. Works great for me...
    08-08-09 02:05 PM
  4. savioAMG's Avatar
    The Bold (or other BBs for that matter) currently do not support flash. Any flash sites will simply not work. There is a browser called Skyfire which should have flash support when it's released, IIRC.
    08-08-09 02:12 PM
  5. not_a_master_yet's Avatar
    You got xm online to work on phone?

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    08-08-09 04:07 PM
  6. not_a_master_yet's Avatar
    Does moodio get wfan 660am I was just trying but it didn't work will try again later. That's the station for spports thank god football is back!

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    08-08-09 04:24 PM
  7. not_a_master_yet's Avatar
    works great so far!!
    08-09-09 12:43 AM