1. Hughey79's Avatar
    Ok, so here's the deal. I had an 8330 and the microphone went out so no one could hear me. Verizon obviously swapped it out with a refurb. They swapped all my contacts and pics for me that werent saved on my card.
    However I lost my BB contacts. No biggie. I got my phone all set back up with apps and all. Phone was super quick and perfect.
    Well the next day when I got home I connected it to my computer and had the desk top manager load my phone again and then it got the BB contacts back and such. However then the phone slowed down and acted differently. Had to call verizon and I had to re-register it cause I lost App world and the browser. Ok so that was all good but now I feel the phone is still not right.
    So I deleted the desktop manager and re-installed it. I want to wipe the phone completely and just re-load my contacts. Start over if you will.
    I wrote down my BB contact pins so Im good there. I will send off my pics to another friend and have them send them back when I get it re-set up so I wont lose them.
    All my apps I can re-load as well no biggie either.
    Now here is where I need help.

    1. When I connect it to the desktop manager I can just choose to take my contacts and transfer them right? If so do I choose phone book or phone book all? Why the choice?

    2. Do I just wipe the phone? Or this there more to it?

    3. Anything else I should do?

    I want it like it was new and just put on there what I want and not have my old files from a previous back up on there. I want to do this to see if the phone will behave and be quicker like it was two days ago. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

    Have a good day.
    08-21-09 01:52 PM
  2. xliderider's Avatar
    Before you go through all that trouble, if you have a memory card in the phone, take it out and see if the BB behaves itself.

    Sometimes the memory card file system gets corrupted.

    If the BB performs much better with the memory card out. transfer your pics and files to your computer (why send them to a friend?) then reformat the card in the BB. Then move your files back to the card.
    08-21-09 01:57 PM
  3. Hughey79's Avatar
    Ive never had an issue with the memory card before. Any other ideas?
    08-21-09 07:53 PM
  4. rachel0179's Avatar
    TRY the memory card idea, dont dismiss it yet, ALOT of card issues lately, you might be surprised.
    08-21-09 08:02 PM
  5. big.daddy's Avatar
    I agree with rachel. It would suck to go through all of that and find out it was something as simple as the card.

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    08-21-09 09:12 PM
  6. Hughey79's Avatar
    Intersting. I dont have much on the card other than a few pics from the voyager previously. When they switched it from the old phone to the new one there were no issues at all. It occured after re-loading the phone from the desktop manager. Like even though I had already downloaded all the apps again before hooking it back up now the app world shows all my apps as archived.
    08-21-09 10:39 PM