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    I bought(phone was free) the 8900 off of newegg a couple days ago. Yesterday I received it in the mail saying that it takes 5 days to activate which is kind of silly but oh well. Today I try to make a phone call with my old phone (had my # ported to tmo) and it was disconnected. So today my bb appears activated but the internet is not working...I check network status and under BlackBerry Internet Service is says not connected. Does anyone know if the service takes longer to propagate or something?

    Also, I have been making calls while im on wifi...if wifi is enabled and connected does it automatically make calls through UMA? I didnt buy the $10/month for unlimited wifi calling so im worried I should turn it off.

    I want to leave WiFi on but not if I am going to be charged for making calls with it. (i switched to Mobile network as preferred connection)

    One more thing, I go to blackberry.com/appworld/download on my 8900 and it tells me my device in incompatible...wtf =(

    Also, how do i arrange the icons on the "desktop" to the ones I want and the way I want?

    Phone is awesome, I love it!
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    Wow... lots of questions

    Yeah...with tmobile you should be able to switch SIM cards right away and talk immediately.... not sure why the data is taking so long... maybe try to send service books.

    You can leave the Wifi on... you will be charged as if you are calling using the mobile network if you don't have the $10 UMA plan.

    you have to go to App world while on mobile data... try it after you have EDGE as your signal.... I think that is the issue there.

    if you hit the blackberry key (the key to the left of the trackball....it will take you to the home screen with 18 icons on it.... if you scroll to an icon you want in your top 6 on the front screen then click the blackberry key again and then select move.... you can move it to the top... the first 6 icons on the top will show up on the front screen....

    Welcome to the crack!!!! check out the 101 lectures.... here
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    Welcome to Crackberry!!

    You really should start with the 101 lectures. They will answer most if not all of your questions that you have. I have a link to the 101 lectures in my signature.
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    Awesome, thanks guys! checking out that faq now
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