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    I've searched this forum & the internet for a week & can't find the solution to my problem - I'm hoping someone can help me. I have several email accounts, all of which are on BIS as they are all personal accounts. I don't use BES. One of the accounts is a gmail.com, and two others are att.net accounts. On my home computer I have all my emails sent to my gmail inbox so they all end up in the same place. On my Blackberry, I have my gmail account and two of the three att.net emails set up on my Curve 8330. Here is my problem...emails sent to my att.net addresses are showing up twice, one "sent using att.net" and the second "sent using gmail.com". (These messages show in the header of the emails.) I have set up filters on my gmail account via the Sprint BIS website to not have my gmail account forward any messages with "To: xxx.xxxxxx@att.net" to my device, but this isn't helping. I'm also receiving other att.net emails on my Curve, which are accounts I haven't even registered on my BB. These, too, are "sent using gmail.com". I do not have the Gmail mobile app loaded onto my Curve, as I thought this would be the solution to my problem....but it didn't help.

    I have POP and IMAP enabled in my home computer gmail settings, and my service books (CMIME) include my gmail.com email, and my 2 att.net email accounts. I don't have the problem of receiving duplicate emails that I've sent (I see that question a lot on the forums). I also have the most recent software versions on my BB (v4.5.0.131). Does anyone know how I can stop these emails from arriving twice on my BB? It seems gmail is doing some sort of forwarding, even thought I don't have the gmail mobile app on my phone, and I've set up filters to prevent this - it's driving me crazy!!! Thanks in advance...
    08-05-09 12:56 PM
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    I'm probably missing something here, but if you have all your accounts forwarded to Gmail, why not set up only Gmail in BIS? Wouldn't that eliminate any duplicates?
    08-05-09 01:55 PM
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    It would, however, there are two email accounts (att.net accounts) that I don't want in my BB inbox and they still show up, even if I set a filter for them not to...(I have 4 att.net email accounts - 2 of which I want on my BB and 1 gmail, which I also want on my BB.) And one more thing, I've also noticed that the att.net emails that gmail is sending sometimes show up an hour later than the original message. I would rather have my messages show up quicker than that...I know the delay has something to do with pushing, but I'm a newbie and still learning about that.
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