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    I am a new Blackberry user and just moved to the Middle East. I arranged a local mobile phone account and have a data sim card. I couldn't find a Blackberry here, or a local BB internet package so I bought an unlocked 8310 from the USA.

    The phone works fine, but I can't yet get on to the web, and I can't get support from my phone company since the BB was not purchased through them, but I am sure it will work. Some BB users/blogs suggest that a BB internet package is necessary while others say that I don't need a BB account, and can get on-line using operamini downloads.

    Do I need anything more than a data sim to get on-line/e-mails?

    Does anyone have any tips for set up if the error message I get when I go to the Browser is, "unable to open a PDP context to the following APN: WAPP: current selected browser is not compatable with the network. "?

    I can't seem to make any changes to the browser. Any idea how to help?

    In addition, the my unlocked BB came loaded with Rogers software but no CD or desktop software, so need to get it.

    Any suggestions on a website where I could download the software, and which software I need?

    Thanks much.
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    Desktop Manager:
    BlackBerry Desktop Manager Downloads - BlackBerryFAQ.com

    Rogers OS on it is fine.

    You will need either a BB Data Plan from your carrier, or you will need their APN/TCP settings, to get Opera Mini to work.
    What are the TCP and APN settings? - BlackBerryFAQ.com
    You can't change the browser or use it because you don't have a Data Plan.
    01-19-08 03:40 PM
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    Thanks. There seems to be several software choices for BB Desktop. How do I know which is the correct for the phone, or can I just assume the most recent v4.3 is the one?

    Are these the two I will need?

    1) BlackBerry USB and Modem Drivers (English)

    File name: BlackBerry USB and Modem Drivers (English).msi
    File size: 12 MB
    Date posted: 6-Dec-07
    Download Software

    2) BlackBerry Desktop Software v4.3 (English)

    01-19-08 04:36 PM
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    Hey Jsanders - are you still out there?

    I am still unable to get my unlocked BB 8310 working in Israel ( but I hope I am getting close - I am too stubborn to give up). I have a data card and the ACN settings as you suggested before. They work fine tooperat a Nokia telephone and I can easily surf the net and pick up e-mail so I know the card works fine, but I still can't get on-line with the BB.

    I have tried to download operamini, but when I download it to my desktp, it is not recognized by the BB desktop manager and therefore I can't transfer it to the device. I can't transfer it by SMS either since I can't open he link without an internet connection.

    The forum is loadedwith people who seemed to get around the need for a BES or BIS by using operamini as a browser so I must be missing something simple here. Can you suggest anyhing else that migt help me?

    Thanks very much. There are a few others here who are also in need.

    03-08-08 09:17 AM
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    I am in the exact same boat as SRS !!!

    Have you SRS or Jsanders found any way to combat this situation ??
    07-14-08 11:00 AM