1. BabiieKakesxOx's Avatar
    So nextel is replacing my "defective" 8350i. Only thing is it will be replaced with a refurbished model. That's not fair! I paid a heck of alot for a brand new phone back in april with a new 2 year contract. Are all nextel replacements refurbs? Has this happened to anyone else? I'm a bit ticked I'm going to call them back requesting a new one...i pay good money for insurance on it I shouldn't have to deal with a refurb. Usually if i use the word "verizon" on the phone with customer service they freak out, this should be fun : ]
    08-25-09 03:36 PM
  2. ibbeach0's Avatar
    Keep us in the loop on how it goes.
    I personally have not had to use the insurance but heard a lot of people who did only to get a refurb. Not sure if that is Sprint's SOP.
    08-25-09 04:08 PM
  3. jbutch83's Avatar
    Mine has been replaced twice now, and was told after the second replacement that it was a refurb. Kept having issues with the trackball getting stuck. I agree, for the money that was originally spent on the phone, a replacement should be new, not a refurb. Keep us posted.
    08-25-09 05:53 PM
  4. BabiieKakesxOx's Avatar
    The new one will be a refurb...kinda pissed off but they assured me "it will be fine". before my bb i had a renegade v950 from nextel...i got it around xmas time and by valentines day it was replaced 4 times! I think I just might be having bad luck with their phones. My mother bought one at a store vs over the phone and hers has had zero issues. The man on the phone who helped me told me that a in every 5 cellphones have a issue some major some not, i guess I'm jinxed. I've never had a refurb all my cells have been new..even all 4 of those renegades. My phone started off with a "will not charge no matter where i plug or do to it" issue then it jumped to a "if i use the headset jack it turns the phone off and it wont turn on till i pull battery" my most recent was I left my cell on the table in the kitchen and went to the living room...i come back 5 min later my cell picked up the incoming call put it on speaker, but showed no "phone menu"..dad nearly scared the crap out of me when he started talking. But I think the funniest is when it rings...and i have no calls or msgs. Pray my 2nd 8350i will be better...other wise 8330 here I come ( I want the 8330 because its a curve, and it will fit the coach cases they make..unlike the 8350i)
    08-26-09 12:02 AM