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    Just saw this on one of the sites I visit and thought I would post it. Sounds like Adobe has finally recognized the SmartPhones. Here's the infor:

    Adobe is making a lot of smartphone users happy today after announcing that Flash 10.1 will bring full support for Android, webOS, Symbian, BlackBerry and WinMo. Notably missing is the iPhone however, with no word on the subject from the company.

    Flash 10.1 will bring full Flash including GPU acceleration to smartphones, allowing for Hulu and HD YouTube playback. The update will also add support for accelerometers, multitouch and other touch features.

    Android and Symbian betas are coming in January, everyone else will have to wait until "mid-2010." Regardless, the news is great for anyone with the above mentioned mobile OS.

    With Flash Player moving to new mobile platforms, users will be able to experience virtually all Flash technology based Web content and applications wherever they are, added David Wadhwani, general manager and vice president, Platform Business Unit at Adobe. We are excited about the broad collaboration of close to 50 industry leaders in the Open Screen Project and the ongoing collaboration with 19 out of the top 20 handset manufacturers worldwide. It will be great to see first devices ship with full Flash Player in the first half of next year.

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    and the actual article:

    Full Flash support headed to Android, webOS, Symbian, BlackBerry and WinMo
    10-08-09 08:13 AM
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    Excellent news! I wonder why the iPhone is obviously absent from the list. Oh well, mid 2010 isn't thaqt far away for us Blackberry users.
    10-08-09 08:22 AM
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    10-08-09 08:23 AM