1. artofangie's Avatar
    I bought an already flashed bb curve 8330 on craigslist a few days ago. I had an existing metropcs account, so i called in the bb's esn into metropcs to get it activated. They said they could see the phone had been flashed to metro but i would have to go in a metropcs store inorder to program it. EWvery store says either when they try to program it it will say invalid coed or that they dont do bb. The thing is, it has already been flashed, evident when you dial *228 and hear the hello metropcs recordings. Im just looking to program it so I can activate it to my account. Does anyone have any suggestions? And, if Im not being so picky, does anyone know how to get we, mms too?
    09-01-09 06:10 AM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    hmm what was it flashed from? verizon? you arent able to just log into your carriers BIS site and register it? im not so familiar with the programming needed for CDMA phones. you shouldve posted this in the MetroPCS forum, farther down on the main page to see if anyone else in there had a similar problem.
    09-01-09 06:17 AM