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    Hey everyone i got a few questions so i will list them seperatley so its easier to read. Thanks in advance if you reply and sorry if its been posted but i did try and search and no luck.

    So i got a Blackberry curve 9300 yesterday, so erm basically am i supposed to install the os6 on it how do i go about that?

    I took a few pictures and deleted them and the title of the picture is img007, when i take a new one how to i get it back to 001? (i have no pictures on the phone memory or my memory card.

    Is there a way to download apps like when you jailbreak an iphone? (please let me know).

    Oh and also any recomendations in terms of apps to download i have the basics like facebook, twitter, whats app (all from blackberry world).

    Oh by the way roughly how long does it take to charge the curve 3g 9300 fully?

    Thanks to anyone that answers and sorry for the questions lol..
    09-17-10 09:52 AM
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    Ok going to tackle this in order....

    1) Depending on your provider OS 6 won't be out for our devices until around November to as late as Jan 2011. To install it you download it from your providers website and use Desktop Manager to install it. Instructions will usually be attached to it to walk you through the whole process when the time comes.

    2) Most phones and cameras rarely allow you to reset this number as it's used to keep track of the number of exposures the camera has made over it's life time.

    This way you can't sell it to someone and claim that it's new or that it has a low shutter count. Trust me shutters have a life span and they eventually will die (500,000 exposures tends to be the golden number on most).

    Those that do allow you to reset the picture count store the total exposures elsewhere on the system so you can refer to them.

    Sadly to end the answer quickly. Blackberries use the former method of keeping track of the number of exposures and there appears to be no way of resetting the count aside from maybe using a third party camera app.

    3) There is no need to Jailbreak a blackberry as you are allowed to install any application you see fit to install on your phone. It's basically user beware.

    The main reason for jailbreaking an iphone is to allow you to install apps that haven't been approved by Apple.

    There is a lot of opensource or hobbyist apps that have been made that wouldn't pass Apples stringent security policies or they decide aren't "worthy" of making it to the app store. By jailbreaking your able to install these apps along with tweak things on the iphone like having wallpapers behind the icons other then the standard boring black.

    4) Apps are found everywhere and using google or your search engine of choice to find them is probably about the best way. Just type in what kind of program your looking for and add blackberry at the end and go through the results....

    Meanwhile crackberry.com has it's own app store and an app that you can install on your Blackberry to use it from there.

    Best word of advice I can give. If you find an app that sounds good look around at what other people are saying about it from other sites before you buy it or install it.

    5) When it comes to charging it will take about 2-3 hours on average from completely dead.

    For Li-Ion batteries the best policy is to let them go down to about 10% or so the first few charges with a complete charge overnight (Avg. 8 hours). Then after that charge frequently and as often as you can. Every night when you go to bed is a good policy.

    Also Li-Ion don't suffer from memory like Ni-Cad or NiMH batteries do. The only type of memory effect that will happen is when the device uses a software based battery meter. This meter needs to be reset every so often to make sure it represents the battery level accurately. To fix this just drain the battery all the way down until the device will no longer turn on then plug it in and charge for about 8 hours.

    FYI this is why people usually find that their laptops battery life starts to get crappy.. The meter is used to figure out when to turn off the laptop/device to prevent loss of data and prevent damage to the battery. Almost all the batteries minus low end ones have built in protection to prevent this damage. Or they build the meter into the battery itself to bypass the whole software meter issue.

    Either way, when it's mis-calibrated it will turn off the device earlier then needed. Leading people to believe "my battery life sucks!". Meanwhile the above fix will almost always fix the issue.

    By the way Li-Ion's don't like being drained all the way frequently. So in the end CHARGE OFTEN! And whenever you can!
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    WOW thanks alot for replying really appreciate it and great advice .
    09-19-10 07:40 AM