1. runwicked's Avatar

    I have never used a bb and I am planning to buy 8520.
    I have a few questions.

    Will it support the new blackberry OS 5, when its out?

    How is the video playback quality? Does it suppport Divx, and Xvid?

    How is the battery life? Would it last for a day if i browse for 2 hours + 3 hours of music + 30 minutes of calling?

    I have read a few reviews. Is the display really as bad as they say? Is it at least as good as the nokia e71?
    09-17-09 08:55 AM
  2. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Some answers...

    1) Yes the 8520 will support the new 5.0 OS when released
    2) No idea about video playback, you'll have to google that
    3) Battery life is OK. With no 3G and a non-HD screen, you'll easily last a day
    4) The screen is not bad, just not as good as other high-end BBs. Certainly as good if not better than the E71

    Hope this helps

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    09-17-09 09:35 AM