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    Just got my BB yesterday. And trying to figure out a few things. Where on my phone can I find out how much space I have? I want to upload some music to it, but of course don't want to take up all the space I have. And with the music, how do I go about doing that. If I use the usb cord that came with the phone, can I just download straight from my computer?

    Also, is there anyway to get rid of the sample video and sample pictures or am I stuck with those on there?

    And for those who use gmail. Is it better to use the Gmail app that can be downloaded or the enhanced gmail plug-in. I want to be able to make sure it is synced, so when I delete from phone or gmail it is gone from the other. Right now I have both on there, b/c trying to figure out what to do, and not sure how to get it to stop going to the messages folder too...I don't need to be deleting email in all these places, it is going to drive me batty LOL

    With the old phone I had I could set a ring tone of my choice for when a text came in, can't figure it out on this phone, is that possible? Is it also possible that when an email or bb messenger message comes in to get an alert other than the red blinking light?

    08-29-09 05:52 AM
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    1. The best thing to do for the music would be to get a memory card for your phone. That way you wouldn't take up the on board phone memory, which isn't a lot. Then make sure mass storage mode is turned on, hook your phone up to your computer, and drag and drop songs into the folder for your phone. You don't have to mess with media sync or anything.

    As far as email goes, I don't totally understand what a plug in is. My gmail account is the one I have pushed to my phone that you do "personal email setup" with. I did have the gmail app on my phone as well at one point so my husband could check his email before he got a blackberry, but I don't know whether it deleted from both places at once or not
    Go to your "messages" window, then scroll to "options" then "email reconciliation". Then highlight the 'delete" option and choose whether you want the email to be deleted on just your phone, your phone and computer, or If you want to be prompted

    You can change the text message tone. You can change it as well for exh individual person, but that involves creating a new profile and editing it that way, and I'm not sure how to do that. But to change your text tone, go to profile, highlight the profile you want to change, hit your Berry Menu button, and scroll to "edit". There you can change your ringtone, sms tone, mms tone, bbm, gmail, email, and every other type of notification you get. You can change the number of vibrations, the volume, etc. And you can do that for every profile.

    I'm sorry if I was confusing about the gmail. Like I said, the customer service rep set up my email at the store when I bought the phone, and it is my gmail account, but I don't know if that's considered a plug in or what! I'm sure someone else can help you with that though!

    Good luck! And your questions weren't stupid!

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    08-29-09 06:24 AM
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    And yes, you can delete the sample videos and pictures. Open them up, hit the Berry Menu button, then delete!

    As sar as having messages in all the folders. All I did was separate my texts from my emails, then hid the message folder, and I never had a problem. Maybe there's an easier way to do that. Hope SOMETHING I said helps you! Lol

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    08-29-09 06:30 AM
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    Thank you
    08-29-09 06:33 AM
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    Was able to get rid of sample video. Sample pics all have a little lock on them and no delete option. Can not find where to set up a new profile for one person... Ugh...who knew this would be so hard to figure out LOL
    08-29-09 06:52 AM
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    If you want a custon ringtone for one person, go to their name in your contacts and open it. Push the menu key and select the custom ringtone option.

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    08-29-09 07:12 AM
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    08-29-09 07:13 AM
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    I have ringtones for specfic people, trying to figure out for sms,email, bb messenger.
    Jenn, that link didn't work even when I took out the extra http
    08-29-09 07:17 AM
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    Found what I needed on the Blackberry 101 here at the site.
    08-29-09 07:57 AM
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    To delete the sample pictures, google 'maxmem'. Its an app thatll help you free up memory. Make sure you do a back up so you don't lose any data.

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    08-29-09 07:59 AM
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    To change ringtones for bbm, emails, text messaging, or whatever, click profile. then click advanced. Then click the (active) profile. Then select which alert you want to set the ringtone for. ie sms, email accounts, mms, etc. Hope this helps.
    08-30-09 04:57 PM