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    so i have a problem. I brought home a co workers curve to add spanish language to it. I plug the thing in to DM 5.0.1 and there are like 8 updates, os, bbm, a few others. so i hit next and go for the install, figuring im helping him out even more now. its been running for 8+ hours on the back up device data and the bars have stopped, bottom is about 2/3 complete stuck on Database:Handheld Agent and the top is about half way but the 5 dots are still progressing and the program is still running with no issues. I cant hit cancel bc its greyed out, i don't want to unplug for fear of bricking it. There is alot of pictures stored on the device mem but after 8+ hours i would imagine they would be backed up by now. the phone shows that it is connected to the pc when i hit a button on the phone, but doesnt show the data transfer icon. I tried to include as much info that i could in this post. any help is very appreciated
    06-05-10 01:43 AM