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    My provider is US Cellular, who has been launching EVDO this summer in select areas. I'm in the coverage area for Illinois, and have been getting a 1xEV signal for close to a month now. It was officially launched on August 3rd, so I was hoping that would take care of my problem, but of course it never did. I hooked my phone up to my computer via usb cable and used it as a modem and got a download speed of .21Mb/s and an upload speed of .12Mb/s. I usually have the EV signal for a few minutes, and during which time I never have EV speeds. I traveled deeper into the coverage area yesterday, thinking I may not have had a good enough signal, only to find that I still did not have any faster speed.

    I have done a PRL update several times with no success, and have tried the Hybrid OS 8330 v4.5.0.160/.131

    I also found this thread, in which two people claim the hybrid OS fixed the same problem I am having, but I cannot post links yet due to my low post count. The thread is titled "Blackberry Curve 8330 EVDO Problem".

    The hybrid OS changed nothing for me at all. Does anyone have a recommendation as to what could be the problem? I would like to finally have EVDO speeds on my phone!
    08-10-09 01:14 PM
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    Shameless bump.

    Nobody has any ideas???
    08-11-09 02:53 PM
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    The only thing I can think of trying is to resend your Service Books to your BB.

    Log-in or create an acct here, then send your service books to your phone.

    BlackBerry Internet Service

    If that doesn't work, call your provider.
    08-11-09 02:57 PM
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    Doesn't *228 work on USCC devices for PRL update? Might give it a shot.
    08-11-09 07:23 PM