1. Hans007's Avatar
    Hello, I have trouble error 507 with my curve 8320.
    Please, help me to treat that.
    Thank a lot
    08-10-09 12:53 PM
  2. blackngray70's Avatar
    What were you doing when you got this error?

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    08-10-09 01:28 PM
  3. Busta-B's Avatar
    is that JVM error 507??? If so you'll need to reload your OS... hope you made a backup soon.
    08-10-09 01:29 PM
  4. Reed McLay's Avatar
    ... BBM5 for curve 8320 version 4.5.
    Your OS software has become corrupt or has been removed by an external program.

    You will need a Windows computer and two BlackBerry software packages.

    BlackBerry Desktop Manager and a copy of your BlackBerry Device OS software.

    Once these are installed, use Applications Loader to rebuild your BlackBerry.
    08-10-09 01:37 PM