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    I deleted my junk mail on my comupter and they showed up as read email on my inbox on my blackberry. I am using gmail. Did I make a mistake going from Android to Blackberry? This is UNACCEPTABLE. Over 200 junk emails asking for me to buy vicoden and viagra showed up as read on my BB. They were not there before. I might go back to the Droid. Thanks for any help.

    06-10-10 10:02 AM
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    All spam filtering is to be done in the account before it reaches the device.

    My theories:

    A: You got the spam. Gmail didn't flag it as spam. It went to the inbox. Thus, it was delivered to the device. You opened the spam and marked it as so, then deleted it. Gmail two way email sync noticed the email was opened and marked it as read on the device.

    B: If by any reason you moved the spam to the inbox (or in someway it got the inbox tag for a single moment) it was noticed by BIS as email and send your way. 2 way inbox sync did the rest and marked it as read.

    If this is reason enough for you to go back to Android, suit yourself. But I don't curse the BlackBerry when I get spam. I curse gmail for not doing it's job (and yahoo, for the record).
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    06-10-10 11:31 AM
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    Well put Diegonei,,, why would you blame the BB!
    06-10-10 12:27 PM