1. sgotu69's Avatar
    I have Road Runner for my home e-mail/internet provider and I set it up so that I would receive my e-mail on my BB 8330. The only problem is that I only get some of the e-mail messages on my handheld...and most of them are solicitation messages (Sears, Amazon, etc have no problem getting through to the handheld), but I don't seem to be getting the e-mail messages from my family and work contacts reliably. Any idea what might be the problem?

    Ordinarily my RR e-mail comes to my desktop via Outlook, but I don't ever leave my Outlook open when I'm away during the day...
    03-10-09 07:24 PM
  2. lastraid's Avatar
    In outlook on your computer, go into the account settings>more options> Adavanced Tab and make sure that leave a copy on the server is checked. THat should do you
    03-10-09 07:39 PM