03-09-09 12:51 PM
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  1. jnewman91's Avatar
    Lol I just dropped mine in a bag of chips

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    02-23-09 02:14 PM
  2. exelant's Avatar
    I did onto concrete . The hard case did it's job - not a scratch on it.

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    02-23-09 02:35 PM
  3. leo1037's Avatar
    Two of the worst feelings are losing your wallet and dropping your BB for the first time.

    Luckily my first drop of my Javelin was on the carpet. I always try to lay it or keep it in my pocket. Dont even let teh GF see it, only pics of it... ha!
    02-23-09 03:00 PM
  4. tfrankson's Avatar
    Yea mines feel of the table hitting the tile floor. The backdoor cover and batter flew off. I was so terrified. Inspected it and found no scratches of the sort. Thank God.

    I'm ordering my case and shield this Fri.
    02-23-09 03:59 PM
  5. sb1's Avatar
    i accidently threw it onto hardwood floor. No scratches, and my battery cover is no longer loose. Hahaha! But now my keyboard wobbles.
    02-23-09 04:09 PM
  6. infiniteberry's Avatar
    after dropping my 8900 for its first time, my fear of keeping my blackberry perfect forever has finally lifted. i think it's actually kinda cool to think that in a couple of years of daily use, this thing is going to have so many battle scars from days on the e-mail battlefield. i'll just have to buy a new bezel or something and re-energize the wounded BB. i'm sure it'll hold up in the long run.
    02-23-09 05:01 PM
  7. mrsjackd's Avatar
    I haven't dropped it yet but you be sure I will dive for it once it seems like itll take a tumble! it doesn't matter if I have a case or screen protector I WILL protect it at ALL cost!!!

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    02-23-09 05:12 PM
  8. 1tallaznballer's Avatar
    I dropped mine from waist high last week, but my oem skin did great..!! Not a scratch of dent on it!!!
    02-23-09 06:07 PM
  9. tracksforhire's Avatar
    i dropped my first one the one i received early before release date and it got a nice couple of scrtaches on the top but i kept having signal issues so they ended up sending me a brand new after offucial release so so far i have not dropped this one
    02-23-09 06:42 PM
  10. Marioarm2's Avatar
    So far so good but I've only had my phone for less than 48 hours so, we'll see.. I'm hoping I get the skin I ordered from CrackBerry.com ASAP.
    02-23-09 08:07 PM
  11. Liquidxts's Avatar
    Just want to throw in... I GOT MY SEIDIO INNOCASE II in today! I am a happy camper as of now. lol
    02-23-09 09:37 PM
  12. Matou's Avatar
    Dropped mine in the house a few times, but I have the Gel Skin from T-MO. So it's still in perfect condition!!
    02-23-09 10:59 PM
  13. AZN.M3NACE's Avatar
    well i just got my replacement, but on my previous curve, one of my friends steped on the keyboard by accident... xD haha and it still worked..
    02-23-09 11:23 PM
  14. weirdkid#CB's Avatar
    Nope, not yet anyways :-D And I'd like to keep it that way for a while.
    02-23-09 11:25 PM
  15. jonconway's Avatar
    On a relevant sidenote - did dropping it cause you to consider taking/retaking out phone insurance? I'd cancelled the policy that came with it just about a week before I dropped mine...
    02-24-09 06:35 AM
  16. ReggieTee's Avatar
    Yep! Dropped twice. OEM Silicone skin and BSE. No physical damage.

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    02-24-09 08:17 AM
  17. J.A.B's Avatar
    I haven't dropped mine on "purpose" but have definitely tried to toss it on my bed and missed and it hit the wall. Yay! for tmobile silicone case.
    02-24-09 08:46 AM
  18. infiniteberry's Avatar
    I haven't dropped mine on "purpose" but have definitely tried to toss it on my bed and missed and it hit the wall. Yay! for tmobile silicone case.
    haha nice one
    02-24-09 09:51 AM
  19. gregerator's Avatar
    Mine definitely looks like I own it. Scratches and scuffs. Just not on the screen cause that's too expensive to replace and it's the part I'm always looking at. It's encased beneath an IS.

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    02-24-09 10:00 AM
  20. truazn's Avatar
    I finally dropped mine this passed weekend but my Ghost-armor protected it from any scratches. I was working at the hospital and my phone was in the front pocket of my scrubs and I had to bend over to pick up something, then BAM! it fell out. I was freakin out for a few seconds but picked it up and not one scratch on it. Everything was still intact. Well worth the money to protect your phone with something like a film skin or even a gel skin.
    02-24-09 03:41 PM
  21. andeh3's Avatar
    Nope, not yet! Hoping this Innocase will do its job when that time comes.

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    I dropped my phone from a few feet up... had the Innocase II on.
    Not one scratch on the case, doesnt even look like i dropped it.
    02-24-09 04:17 PM
  22. BBpixie's Avatar
    Has anyone ever fallen and dropped their BB at the same time...and then worry more about the BB than yourself after the fall? haha

    When I fell saturday, I scraped my arm and bruised my knee. Now, it really hurts, my friends were like "omg are you okay??" and I'm like "OMG MY PHONE #@$%?!" despite it having no scratches.

    Of course, my friends aren't Crackberry heads and they just have Razrs...they totally don't get it!

    That would totally be ME!! Laughed so hard on this one. Oh yea.. I know the feeling!!
    02-24-09 05:07 PM
  23. cutta_brown's Avatar
    joins the dropped club
    02-27-09 01:56 PM
  24. hearmeoutx's Avatar
    Not yet, but the wind almost made my berry fly out of my hands today. I caught it just before it hit the ground. I dove for it, despite people looking at me like I am crazy.
    02-27-09 02:12 PM
  25. flash24's Avatar
    Nope ::knock on wood::

    I'm waiting for my Seidio Innocase II to arrive.
    02-27-09 04:40 PM
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