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    im going abroad and i may want to upgrade my OS while out there..

    i've read a few things which say you should do it via desktop manager and then get your service books resent.

    the thing is im on o2 and you need to use the o2 site to get the service books sent, in order to download these books you would have to use data i presume?

    i dont want to get charged for data roaming as it is really expensive does that mean i will not be able to update the OS without incurring some sort of data charge?
    02-13-09 09:23 AM
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    Sending the service books would require data services to be on. Now whether the carrier knows that it's service books or some other data I don't know. It would be minimal. Also if you will have data off while roaming you won't be getting any email anyway so you can always send your service books later or if you can pick up a wi-fi hotspot.
    02-13-09 09:28 AM
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    Might be wise to hold off on any upgrades until you are home. Personally, after some bad experiences I have a strict policy of not upgrading or patching an OS less then 24 hours before I travel. I don't ever want to find myself on my laptop in the back of a cab on the way to the airport hoping the OS reinstall will complete before I get there!.


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    02-13-09 09:32 AM