1. FELIXHGOMEZ123's Avatar
    Hello I Am Posting This Thread To See If Anyone Knows How To Install OS 4.6 On A Blackberry Curve2 8530 Sprint With OS 5.0 If Anyone Knows How To Install OS 4.6 T-Mobile Version On A Blackberry Curve2 8530 Sprint I Modified The Whole Blackberry.alx File With The Radio As CDMA And The Other Roaming Options With EVDO Also The Media Player To The 4.6 Curve2 T-Mobile And I Really Would Like This OS On My Phone I Am Willing To Pay Money For This To Happen
    05-30-10 12:57 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Installing software from a different device is the way to have a papperberryweight. But if you want to try, I'll go Thelema on you: Do what thou wilt.

    1st, find a 5.0 for 8530 and a 4.6 for 8520 with platform numbers close to the same. If the platform is too radically different, you're in for trouble.

    Install both OSs. Then copy the Java folder from the 4.6 over the 5.0. Install and hope for the best. If that works, my paypal id is same as this, at yahoo. If it doesn't, hold yourself responsible for trying.

    Mind if I ask why are you willing to do that? 5.0 has lots of performance advantages and surely does NOT support 3G, since the 8520 does not have that. GPS might also not work.

    But hey! Your berry! Good luck!
    05-30-10 10:42 AM