1. Tristin21's Avatar
    Ok, I am eligible for a phone upgrade, and I want to know if they still make the 8330 for Verizon. I hope so, because I do not want to get stuck buying an 8530. I will probably get a 9650 if that is the case.
    06-16-10 01:25 AM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    You're gonna be better off with the 9650. The 8330 is pretty much obsolete, and has reached End of Life with premium carriers, and won't be supported, anyway. The Bold has more than 5X the memory of 8330, better screen, functionality, Wi-Fi, etc.

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    06-16-10 02:47 AM
  3. Tristin21's Avatar
    Yep, getting the 9650!
    06-17-10 01:11 AM
  4. raameen's Avatar
    I would go with the bold 9650, for all the additional extra it has then 8330.defenetly.

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    06-17-10 04:39 AM