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    Hi all, new to this site but because I have come across quite a few bumps in the road with my new blackberry I decided to register

    I really love this phone and its a huge upgrade from my last but I'm worried its not working right.

    I bought this phone unlocked from AT&T on ebay. The first problem that happened was that it didn't load my contacts from my SIM card. I went through the setup wizard and everything and even after I would go back and try to get it to load again but no luck. I tried removing battery and sim card but still nothing, so I had to add all contacts manually which took forever. Is that a bad sign?

    Second problem was that when I put a 1 before the area code (ex: 1-780-123-1234) and then went to dial the number on my contact list it would add 3 more numbers and make it like 863-780-123-1234 which I found very weird. I have since deleted all 1's at the beginning of my phone numbers on all my contact list and there doesn't seem to be a problem with it now. I know friends that have transferred to blackberry and have the 1 at the beginning though.. Again, should this be happening?

    My third problem I just encountered was when I was going to give Rogers a call to change to a data plan. I dialed their usual number with and without the 1 and it said my call could not be complete. But when I put *611 and then 888-etc it finally dialed the number. I remember on my old phone I didn't have to do this.

    Whats wrong with my phone? Is this normal or should I return it?
    08-14-09 06:00 PM
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    Weird. I have a TMobile 8320 that I use on Fido without any headaches, but I wiped it and installed the latest OS for my carrier. Have you tried that?
    08-14-09 06:08 PM
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    Did you try a hard/master reset?

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    08-14-09 06:12 PM
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    Well about the OS... im not sure. Unless it installs the latest one automatically I haven't downloaded or installed anything yet.

    And how do i do a hard or master reset? Will it wipe out all my contacts again lol?

    Thx 4 the help so far
    08-14-09 06:34 PM
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    You might want to check your Smart Dialing settings. With the phone/call log open hit the BlackBerry button -> Options -> Smart Dialing.
    08-14-09 07:44 PM
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    ok thank you so much for the smart dialing thing! my country code was set to 86 which was china and it was adding that into my number. 1 problem fixed! 2 others to go!

    should i try a hard/master reset and try importing my sim contacts from my old phone again? at this point i want to try and resolve these issues to make sure there is nothing wrong with the phone instead of getting a plan for it and having it not work right.

    EDIT: With the smart dialing country code fixed dialing the rogers number now works.

    Do you think that is also why my SIM contacts from my prior phone did not load?
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    08-14-09 11:22 PM
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    You might open a new thread with your question on data on rogers to get better answers or a search on data... same with your sim card contacts In smart dialing mine has +1 for a country code and I do not have to enter a 1. Maybe a sprint thing too. Also if you add an area code like your local one everytime you dial a number it should use the area code in there. Saves dialing
    08-14-09 11:30 PM