1. l.a.blkman's Avatar
    The other day I shot a short video with my 8330. I watched it 2 or 3 times. The file name was vid ooo2 or something close to that. i clicked on the video then the menu button and selected "move" because i was going to move it to a specific folder on my media card. and when i clicked "move" the file name disappeared and i got the error message "File Not Found". I have explored every folder, hidden and not hidden, on the phone and my media card and cant find it anywhere. Can anyone help me? Or atleast tell me that its happened to you, in some weird way that woud make me feel better.
    08-24-09 07:37 PM
  2. crackberryvirgin's Avatar
    Sounds like it may have had an error and erased. Have you tried hooking it to your computer in mass storage mode to see if you can see it?
    08-24-09 08:00 PM