1. speedy718's Avatar
    my phone dosent allow me to dial from my phone book .. when evr i make call directly from my contacts all it does is make a beeping sound and the call never goes through but when i dial the number using the keypad it goes through and the recognizes who im calling ... what could it be cause this problem is making me angry is kind of hard to remeber all da number's in my contacts ... so unfortanally for now who evr i decided to call i have to dial it please please help me
    07-02-10 11:49 PM
  2. hightack's Avatar
    Green phone key, then BB menu, then options, then smart dialing. Change country code to unknown and save.

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    07-03-10 06:00 AM
  3. cupi26's Avatar
    i had the same problem, wouldnt be able to call from phone book- changed it to country unknown- works great now!!!

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    07-09-10 01:17 AM