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    so i've reached the end of my rope with this issue and can use any suggestions, tips, tricks, etc.

    i'd been using my 8900 overseas with a non-US sim card. when i moved to the US last month, i just got an at&t chip, popped it into my phone and was told i needed to reset up the email addresses associated with the phone.

    now, i get all my gmail messages twice - i think this is because the phone has my old email settings still on it. however, i can't find a way to delete them.

    i really don't want to have to wipe my device since that means losing all my apps, phone numbers and BBM contacts (and i'd have to re-add them all). is there any way i can delete ONLY the email settings? any thoughts or help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
    08-14-09 08:22 PM
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    Not an expert here, but a few observations.

    With T-Mo, e-mail settings are controlled on T-Mo's servers. SOunds to me like there is an issue/collision on your provider's servers. Call your provider and ask how to manage your e-mail accounts.

    Ref a wipe...

    Why do you think you have to lose all your contacts. You have 2 choices, in my mind:

    1) Copy your contacts to your SIM card. Problem resolved.

    2) Use desktop manager to synch contacts with Outlook... problem resolved.

    As far as apps are concerned, back up your device via a Desktop Mgr backup.

    You may need to wipe it, but I think duplicate e-mails can be resolved via your provider. Call them and ask them to wipe your e-mail settings from their servers, and start over.

    Hope this helps.
    08-14-09 08:28 PM
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    I used the first link you sent, deleted my service books and then re-entered my email addresses onto the phone. Now, I can receive email but I can't send any - when I try to send an email, my only option (even on the full menu) is "Save Draft".

    At this point, I'm tempted to just wipe my phone and start from the beginning... but I really don't want to lose my contacts. How can you copy contacts onto the SIM card? I'm just getting more and more frustrated.
    08-14-09 11:15 PM
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    DEEEEEEEEP breath..

    TO copy Contacts to SIM Card:

    Transferring Contacts to SIM Card - BlackBerry Curve - BlackBerry 8900 Series Smartphone - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

    But, yes, it appears 1 by 1 is the route.

    Call a local ATT store (or whomever your carrier is) and find out if they have a utility that will transfer your contacts to your SIM. They may well.

    Ya know, ya may really still want to wipe it. I lived in Germany around the 2002 time frame, and I brought home a Moto Timeport, and put a Voicestream SIM card in it. I seem to recall I wiped and started all over as some quirks remained,

    FIRST, make a backup of the phone via desktop manager.

    Create a new outlook profile (with no contacts in it), and SYNC all of your contacts from the RIM to OUTLOOK. At least you'll have a backup for sure.

    Wipe it, Synch the contacts back...

    Doesn't seem like there is another choice, although someone else may chime in here.
    08-15-09 07:33 AM