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    So I'd found a workaround from Gmail to make messages read on the BB show as read in Gmail...


    And that entailed deleted my email addresses from the BIS website and resetting up the Gmail one. Problem is, Gmail was my default calendar (that I synced to Outlook with) and when I deleted the Gmail email address, it changed all the calendar appointments associated with the Gmail calendar to be associated with the "default" calendar.

    I then reset up Gmail (which added a Gmail calendar back to the handheld). Now, when I add a new appointment, it adds it to the Gmail calendar (which will sync with outlook), but all of my old appointments (on the "default" calendar) will not sync.

    Is there any way to merge the "default" calendar with my Gmail calendar? There's gotta be a way to make my entries sync with outlook.

    I've tried resending services books, deleting gmail calendar service books off the handheld, battery pull...

    Please help!
    10-09-08 02:27 PM