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    even connect to the Cricket network. She tried programming it to Cricket to make sure she could get the picture messaging to work. Now calling or receiving calls, texting or anything else won't work. I already had the account refreshed again. She used this info:

    When you receive your phone if it was bought as a flashed to cricket phone. To verify that it is actually on the cricket network dial *611 if it says "Welcome to Cricket" then it is ready for you to activate. If you already have an account, the easiest way to activate your phone is simply dialing *611 and add it to your account. After you call Cricket and have the phone activated on your account the phone still needs to know your information. To do this dial *22804 and follow the prompts to program your phone. At the end of the call it should say programming successful.
    If it does not then your phone will need to be manually programmed with the following instructions. Some of the information needed below you can call Cricket (*611) to get it.

    To enter the programming mode, key in the symbols “##” followed by 000000.
    Press the side button or enter.
    The “CDMA Service Program Edit Screen” appears.In the “Mobile Directory #:” enter your 10 digit mobile numbers (MIN) assigned to the unit at time of activation.
    Check the “IMSI_S” field. If it does not contain the MIN, enter your number here.
    Depress the track wheel to view the menu in the top right corner.
    Select “Save”. “Write Successful. Resetting device” will be displayed and your phone will initialize
    Check at the top of the phone where it shows “My Number” make sure your number is correct
    Important: In order to have the device register on the network, it is necessary to place a voice call. Please scroll to the phone icon, select one time dial and call *611. This will call Cricket and verify that the phone is on their network.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. She is constantly using her phone mostly for texting but calling home to check in is important to us both.

    Thank You
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