1. mitsupwr's Avatar
    This is my first post here and I cant seem to find any info on this....or im not looking in the right spot but here is my question.

    When I set a custom or specific ringtone to a contact it is noticeably quieter and I cant figure out how to make it louder. any suggestions
    08-06-09 12:03 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Here are some options.

    Check your Profile and change the phone setting is to a louder option.

    Use Audacity on your computer to make the ringtone louder and reload it to your phone.
    08-06-09 05:24 PM
  3. redhdgirl417's Avatar
    Where do you find Audacity? I've had this issue with the song ringtones although going into Profile, Advanced, then into Normal and setting the "phone" tone to high did help a bit.
    08-08-09 04:43 PM
  4. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Google is your friend.

    Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

    You can also use MP3 Gain to alter the volume.

    08-08-09 07:29 PM