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    I recently upgraded to the Curve without a trackball. When I did so I purchased an extra 4GB, I remove texts immediately, keep no email, and only have a limited amount of apps. Yet:

    1) This phone is a battery juice hog. Is this a familiar issue?
    2) OS Issues; my phone regularly shifts between timezones and back to the correct time zone. Other OS Issues include slow downs, error messages about memory, and other crazy things my last phone didn't do.
    3) The phone refuses to charge and died on day 30 of my 30-day trial period. Since I was traveling, no Alltel store handy, I cannot return for a new model phone.

    The biggest question is this: "Are re-manufactured phones from RIM better than the Re-Man phones AT&T used to send out?" I ask as Alltel is now sending me a "new" 're-man' phone to replace the current phone. Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated.
    06-19-10 12:11 PM
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    Couple of considerations:

    First of all, make sure you're phone is running the latest firmware. The 8530s came with .359 installed. The current one is .654. Look under Options>Advanced Options>Automatic Update and see if there is an update pending. If so, run it. It will certainly solve some major battery issues. Also, consider this: If your phone is sucking a WIFI signal, that will drain your battery more quickly than otherwise.

    As for the time zone issue, I've heard of this happening to customers who live right on the border between time zones and as the phone's radio signal bounces from tower to tower, even while the phone is stationary, sometimes it will bounce from a tower in one time zone to a tower in the other. If that's the case with you, there's nothing that you can do about it since BlackBerry uses it's signal feed to automatically control it's internal clock.

    Finally, RIM is the only company responsible for remanufacturing their handsets. AT&T, AllTel, Verizon, Sprint, TMo...none the the carriers can touch a BlackBerry. Only RIM.
    06-19-10 05:06 PM
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    Being alltel means you are verizon. You can go to options, advanced options, wireless update. I bet it will prompt for 722. As for battery make sure you don't leave wifi on or bluetooth. Those are the battery killers! Hope this helps!

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    06-19-10 10:25 PM
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    i might be in canada.. but last week i upgraded from the 8320 to the 8520, i find that the battery lasts alot longer. and runs faster. i have about 15 apps on my page. and the only issue i have is when a page is taking awhile to load. i get the least 5 hours talk. and come the end of the day when i get home. i have a good chunk of battery left. the two posts above. ive tried. but mine is4.6.1.290 it says theres no updates
    06-20-10 09:19 PM