1. hellrider71's Avatar
    I'm thinking of upgrading my 8310 to a 8900.Is it worth it or should I stick to my 8310?thanks for your replies.

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    09-15-09 08:23 AM
  2. royalbanker's Avatar
    I suggest an upgrade.
    09-15-09 08:29 AM
  3. Username5300's Avatar
    Yeah I think upgrade!!!
    09-15-09 08:32 AM
  4. DroDough's Avatar
    I used the 8320 before going to the 8900. So much better all around.
    09-15-09 09:18 AM
  5. jwolfe99's Avatar
    I did exactly what you are considering a while back, 8310 to 8900. I still have the 8310 but its been returned to its original box with all the stuff for it. Have not used it one time since I got the 8900. I think you will be pleased with the upgrade myself. Plus if you dont like it you can always go back to your 8310 (keep mine just in case) and sell the 8900, but I really dont see that happening.

    09-15-09 09:50 AM