05-26-10 02:03 AM
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  1. mamock116's Avatar
    I really like mine. Its my first BlackBerry device so maybe im biased. The only problem is the terrible battery life. Mine dies everyday. I turn it on at 7am and by 4pm it only has 35% battery left. I dont browse the internet on it but I do use it for a music player all day at work.
    05-24-10 03:11 PM
  2. sprint_fan's Avatar
    Everything but the battery life is pretty good for me. I have to charge it usually once in the middle of the day to get through. Otherwise its a pretty good device. 3g is pretty fast, rf is average, and everything else isn't too bad. I know it doesn't have that great of screen resolution, but unless you are comparing it directly to a higher end bb device with better screen resolution, it isn't that big of a deal after getting used to it. There is a little bit of lag when using bbm groups, but it is nothing compared to the 8330 lag. The camera isn't bad, even without the flash, you just have to hold it still.

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    05-24-10 03:36 PM
  3. papped's Avatar
    The 8530 is the happiest I've been with a device so far (the only downside was going from a 480x360 screen to 320x240).

    That's saying something considering the very low price on the phone.
    05-24-10 04:25 PM
  4. kyrillos13's Avatar
    Is the 8530 screen resolution a huge difference from the 9700? Does the 8530 screen look a lot worse?
    The screen is only marginally worse. It doesn't strain my eyes or make the pictures look bad. It is still a good quality screen so it will do everything it is designed to do. In my opinion you just have to hold both phones in your hands and try typing and browsing and see which feels better for you. Personally I love the compact size of the 8530. And in my experience, by simply following the advice given in this forum on battery life preservation I could stretch it to 1.5 to 2 days with considerable browsing, heavy e-mailing, texting, bbm and some voice.

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    05-24-10 11:27 PM
  5. Snowbawll's Avatar
    Viva la 85xx!!!, 85xx users unite and stake our place amongst the other blackbeRrys...never surrender..

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    05-25-10 05:17 AM
  6. Brendan_ss's Avatar
    I have decided I will be getting the 8530 soon!
    05-25-10 07:45 PM
  7. mrs.driscoll's Avatar
    I have had my 8530 for a little while now and I have to say I love it I don't take what people say about this phone to heart because its my phone and I love everything about it ... So Brendan if you decide on this phone you will be making a great choice in the end its what you decide anyway so enjoy ...

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    05-25-10 11:01 PM
  8. acaden's Avatar
    The biggest difference between the 85xx screens and the rest of the line is the font clarity. If you've ever compared the subpixel font rendering on Windows 7 to Windows XP with anti-aliasing turned off, that's kind of what the difference is.
    05-25-10 11:03 PM
  9. motoroid7's Avatar
    I just wanted to put my two cents in say that I personally think its a wonderful phone and is what helped me really get addicted to everything blackberry. Its been treating me well. However, all phones have their quirks. You just have to find the one that is right for you. I don't mind the screen size or the button sizes. I have small hands and have no problems at all typing. Probably one of the few phones that I will keep well over a year.

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    05-26-10 02:03 AM
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