1. wallymw's Avatar
    I'm new to using a Blackberry (currently have Curve 8530). However, one feature I miss with my Motorola Q, which I haven't found yet on my Blackberry is how to have the Blackberry check my Oulook Calendar for meetings to decide whether to go into Vibrate or Ring tone. This was a great feature, so when I had a presentation meeting scheduled on my calendar my Motorola would automatically vibrate, rather than ringing loudly interupting my presentation....I found how to set the Do Not Disturb on my Blackberry, but then I have to remember to re-set it back to a Ring once I'm done....very frustatating.
    05-08-10 03:27 PM
  2. J_5's Avatar
    You can set calendar alerts under "Reminders" and "Calendar"
    If you have an 8530, click on the speaker looking icon under your battery meter in the top left corner on your screen.
    05-08-10 03:34 PM