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    I have had blackberries for a while now and am aware that slow phones are usually the result of low memory, but for some reason my Curve has 43 megabytes of free space, no extra themes, 0 messages in the inbox, an empty call log, very few downloaded application with only the standard ones running, clean cache and no cookies to speak of yet still runs PAINFULLY slow. It takes literally 5-10 seconds to go from the home screen to the application view, and opening mail or options takes double that time. When typing there is a long keyboard lag, so I could be done typing my message before a single character is displayed. This is a fairly recent occurrence as just yesterday I was using my Berry with no problems whatsoever, but now...now it is just unbearable! My contract with Verizon isn't up into 2010 so i am stuck with this phone, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Is this something that will go away on its on, as mysteriously as it came, or is it more complicated than that?
    08-14-09 03:11 AM
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    If you have a memory card in the phone try taking it out. If the lagginess goes away, your card could be corrupted. Mave the files off the card, reformat the card, then move your files back on the card.

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    08-14-09 03:15 AM
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    I currently have an 8gig card in it that is filled with about 7gigs of music. I will remove now to see if that fixes it.

    *Okay, wow! That was a huge difference. How does a memory card get corrupted exactly?*
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    08-14-09 03:17 AM
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    Maybe you need a battery pull? Are there many programs open at once?

    Theres a program called Quickpull that does a hard reset for you, you can schedule the time and it will reset it for you while youre asleep. Its very convenient if you use multiple apps a in a day.

    LOL NVM.
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    08-14-09 03:29 AM
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    I have had Quickpull for a while now and I have to say that it is quite convenient as it allows me to have my phone reset every night while I'm asleep. However, it does appear that my memory card was the root cause of my problem and I am currently backing up all of its data so it can be reformatted as per xliderider's instructions.
    08-14-09 03:32 AM
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    Most common way a card gets corrupted in a BB is an OS update was done. I think it's all the rebooting and disconnecting/reconnecting to the OS during the whole process that can corrupt the file system on the card.

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    08-14-09 03:35 AM
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    Okay, I reformatted the card and it just finished being scanned by the phone and everything is nice and snappy again. Thank you xliderider for your help!
    08-14-09 04:24 AM
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    Glad to hear that.

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    08-14-09 04:57 AM
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    08-15-09 03:31 AM