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    I apparently killed my Verizon Curve (8330) this weekend attempting to back it up as part of an available upgrade. Any suggested fixes are welcome.
    Here is the rundown.
    1. As noted, Curve 8330 with Verizon, with OS (Verizon's official latest). We were doing a back-up because the Curve had been dropping several calls lately (and it had not done so previously). We thought it might be the start of something, so we wanted to do a back-up.
    2. Desktop Manager is 5.0 (because we also have a Storm).

    3. Connected the Curve to DM for the first time in months.
    4. I presume becuase it had not been connected in months, we were prompted to do an upgrade of various systems, so I accepted (wish I had not).
    5. During the back-up (as part of the upgrades) a fatal error occurred at stage 6 of 11 stages of this back-up. Since that fatal error, the Curve will not power up at all.
    A. LED: blinks twice with orange lights (and this process repeats).
    B. Changed battery: no power up.
    C. With the aid of Verizon help line, we tried to shock the Curve to life via power cord and no batter--nothing changed.
    6. I worked with Verizon help line for over 1 hour and nothing changed.
    Lost contacts, etc.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.
    08-24-09 01:45 PM
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    You should have been making regular backups on your BBs. But I guess you learned that the hard way...

    Download the OS to your computer and install it.

    Then use the How to Recover a Dead BB link in my sig below to load in onto your BB.

    After your OS is loaded onto your BB, look for a loaderbackup(date).ipd file in your My Documents folder. If you have that file, you can do a Selective Restore by opening Desktop Manager and using the Advanced tab in Backup/Restore. Just restore the absolute minimum databases like Address Book, Messages, and email.
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    08-24-09 04:13 PM