1. Geissm300's Avatar
    I'm a BES user with a problem at work. I have a BB that stopped receiving email a few weeks ago. All my Contacts and calender appointments are still going to the Blackberry but no email. I have tried Resending the Service Books, as well as wiping the hand held and Reactivating the device with the BES. I ran a Diagnostic and got the following message on the email section.

    Email Address: xxxxxx@xxxx.us
    Connection to xxxxxx@xxxx.us : No

    Where as on another device that is working, the "Connection to" field says "Yes"....Go Figure.

    Any Bes admins out there who can help?
    08-24-09 10:10 AM
  2. kaaspad's Avatar
    you should probably contact your admin for your bes, but sending service books probably won't help, since private beses (or even in general) are not part of the service books of the carrier, have your admin recreate a key for you and then reactivate
    08-24-09 01:11 PM
  3. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    At this point, I would usually try deleting the user acct from the BES, wait 10-15 minutes and then recreate it. I usually do a wipe on the device at the same time and start fresh.

    Sometimes, reactivating the same device can cause issues. I used to have some luck moving the SIM to another BB, activating that, and then switch back to the original device.
    08-24-09 01:25 PM