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    There appears to be a bug in my Blackberry which will require me to reset teh memory. I will lose my Contact List. Since, I have no back up I am being forced to manually enter all the contacts to Excel and later transfer to my BB.

    Is there a preferred format in which a Contact List needs to be developed? And is there a software avaiable for that?
    06-16-10 03:16 AM
  2. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    You can backup your phone's memory using Desktop Manager and then just restoring the the contacts and important stuff.

    what's the '' bug '' exactly ?. Perhaps we can help by giving suggestions
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    06-16-10 06:40 AM
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    Not sure what the bug is. I took the BB to the Service center and they told me that I need to reset the memory.

    The problem I am having is that I am not recieving emails and when I try to open any of the emails on the BB the screen just freezes and I get a message that reads something to the effect of "javascript error uncaught exception".

    Since, there is a bug I cant use the desktop manager to back up the contacts. Is there any other alternative?
    06-16-10 07:10 AM
  4. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    I see

    Use BBSAK to backup, the link is in my signature

    Have you tried resending your service books and host routing table. People with Email and sms problems have re-sent them and their issues got solved
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    06-16-10 07:19 AM