1. 10schick's Avatar
    In Outlook, the user can create a new contact based on an existing one. I'd like to do the same on my BlackBerry instead of having to reenter the shared data (company name & addresses). Is there a way to do so on the native app or is there another on device app that can? TIA.
    08-08-09 11:08 PM
  2. clduffy's Avatar
    sure! go into your address book, and type away!. If its an incoming call addition use copy and paste. Have fun, look around on the internet if this doesn't make sense. This is pretty basic stuff that is easily answered through google.
    08-09-09 03:49 AM
  3. cdaiscool's Avatar
    Ummm... if you want to do what I think you're talking about, no I don't think so. You want to take Johnny's business and personal information, and copy it to put his wife Susy's information in, right?

    Don't believe that's possible, though to be quite honest I've never really tried. Good luck!
    08-09-09 06:48 AM
  4. 10schick's Avatar
    I found Quick Contacts right in CrackBerry's app store. It appears it can do what I'm looking for so I'm going to give it a try. I'll post my experience for those who are interested.
    08-09-09 02:41 PM