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    Well i think its about time to replace my crashberrries housing. this thing looks like its been through a war. somehow the insides are still good. Im not talking about the usual, "omg i have a tiny scratch on my screen stuff". i cant find a 1 square inch area without a scratch here's a short list of what my crashberry has been through.

    1. dropped in pool, 2 days in a bag of rice and all better

    2. ran over with hummer and boat trailer, cleaned the dirt out of the ear hole and around the keys and everything was happy

    3. twins chew toy, kids love the taste of a blackberry

    4. dropped at least 30 times, i must have a slippery case

    I really didnt think these things were this tough.

    I have a dead berry that on of my users dropped in a pool and didnt do the correct drying out procedures. it looks to be about a 9 out of 10 in the looks department. he didnt have it too long. how hard is it to swap the case?You tube is blocked here(at work). I know there are youtube videos that show it but is there a step by step anywhere on this site. i did a search and came up with about 20 pages of stuff but it all pointed to youtube. Also can you replace the main body(the black part between the front and back) that part is also scratched.

    PS- FOR SALE 1 bareley used blackberry case. Make offer
    08-07-09 12:28 PM