1. veeejayy's Avatar
    does anyone know if i can get a replacement for my screen?!
    my friend dropped my blackberry like an *** -_- HELP PLEASE!
    10-12-08 02:49 PM
  2. Msmari's Avatar
    You can find one @ Cnn.cn
    Check this link out 8310 - Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, Microsoft, NEC, Mobiado, Dopod/O2, Nokia, Accessories St
    Btw sorry about your screen/
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    10-12-08 02:51 PM
  3. veeejayy's Avatar
    Thank you so much
    I got it in June and he cracked it in august -_-
    10-12-08 02:56 PM
  4. Msmari's Avatar
    Your Welcome!!
    Btw.. Welcome to Crackberry!! Enjoy your stay!!
    10-12-08 02:59 PM
  5. clanton1.8T's Avatar
    EBAY,EBAY,EBAY!!! i cant stress it enough. i dropped my phone in gravel and it cracked the screen i went through an online store that sells replacement parts and total after shipping was right around 50.00, after recieving it and fixing my phone i started shopping ebay and found the replacement front case and screen AND tools together for 25.00 SHIPPED! i was pissed LOL so i ordered it as another backup. which i needed. then i ordered the otterbox defender case. but eitherway ebay has most of the blackberry parts for a whole lot less
    10-12-08 05:19 PM
  6. benzworm's Avatar

    I agree... Cnn.cn is a very reliable place for OEM parts, but shipping takes a while...

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    10-12-08 05:25 PM