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    I bought my first BB (the 8520 Curve) yesterday as a PAYG. I was told in the shop that it was not network locked although it came with an Orange SIM and top-up. My service provider is Vodafone and the SIM does work in the phone. However I am experiencing problems trying to connect to the internet. I don't want to use the wi-fi browser but a standard one.

    Does anyone know how I can connect to the internet using a PAYG Vodafone SIM card?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks
    08-15-09 07:55 AM
  2. Rakien's Avatar
    You're out of luck, ask for a monthly contract and add blackberry internet service onto it, or, you'll have to pick t-mobile or orange if you want it on pay as you go (you have to pay 5 a month for this), otherwise you can only use wifi, phone and sms.
    Vodafone in the future may have a pre-paid or pay as you go service for blackberry but for now, it's a no-no for voda.

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    08-19-09 06:01 PM