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    i was watching a video tutorial on how to conference call as i have been having alot of issues doing a conference call, meaning i cannot get it to do it.. and in the video it shows alot of options i dont have available.. one being join calls and the other to swap.. the only one i get when 2 people call is hold, but i can never join anything is there something wrong here? i only get Answer- and hold when i push the blackberry button when a new caller pops up.. it shows in the video Answer- Hold current, Answer-Drop current or Ignore, none of that pops up when someone calls just the main screen showing whos calling, no buttons on the screen...

    EDIT: i am on Verizon and i have BIS
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    07-26-08 02:10 PM
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    Are you looking for 3-Way Calling or do you mean a larger Conference Call?

    Calling Features: 3-Way Calling
    07-26-08 02:45 PM
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    Good info.. hopefully it works.. thanks sinister..
    07-26-08 02:48 PM
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    i know that method... but what im saying is according to the blackberry online guide theres another method as well.. neither work for me.. the second i hit send to connect to another call i hear beep.. and nothing dials.. when i hit the send button to go back to the original caller i hear a semi dial tone ish thing and click again to the first caller.. it doesnt work for some reason..
    07-26-08 06:02 PM
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    Could it be you don't have the feature on your plan?
    From the verizion website: "3-Way Calling is an included feature that is typically added to your account when you first activate service. If you wish to confirm you have this feature, sign in to My Verizon and select "My Plan" and then select "Add/change features". "

    Hope this might help!
    07-26-08 07:40 PM
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    i actually did check it first thing and its on the line.. it just doesnt seem to want to work.. weird
    07-26-08 08:09 PM
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    It's many months since this thread began. Have recently changed employers and went from AT&T BB Curve to Verizon BB Curve. Making Conference calls on the former was a snap. Not only was there a join function, but you could call up any phone number in your address book. I can live without the join function, but man oh man, is the entering a 10 digit number to call the second party the biggest pain in the a**. I wonder whether this has been changed and I don't know it.
    06-02-09 01:08 AM
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    I Tried This And It Worked For me:
    -dial the first number
    -After this answer press send key twice (you should get a dial tone)
    -dial the second number and after this answer press send key
    08-15-09 04:38 PM