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    Hey I'm looking for help with JScroll in composer, or rather, any .svg. There's tons of tutorials for composer or svg for Bolds and Storms but I have yet to find any for 8500 series. Even the samples in the Theme Builder Studio are only for devices that are NOT 8500's. So what I need is a tutorial for jscroll or anything really that will tell me how I can modify either the Composer file or the svg code to get it to work for the 8520. I tried simply going into the the sample composer file, changing the icon size and canvas size to fit my BB, but that didn't work at all. There's a great tutorial for a hidden bottom dock that worked with my 8520 because the instructions were so detailed and all I had to do was set up composer to fit my BB and it worked great, but everything else out here assumes we have Bold and Storm or are Composer experts already. I checked out the videos too and while I hear what is being said, there are always extra steps I see being done but everyone fails to explain them in the videos and I get stuck. Any help out there???
    06-10-10 07:33 PM