1. miketrains03's Avatar
    Maybe i have a unique situation and am asking for too much but here's what i'd like to do:

    I have an 8310 with full schebang plan. I have a samsung sch-760 from vzw with windows mobile.

    I'd like to share the bb's data and/or gps with the samsung thus letting me use one data plan and because i get ATT some places i don't get verizon, letting me use my windows mobile apps in those locations.

    The gps would let me use more precise google maps on my samsung as the windows mobile version has more features than the bb one.

    I know, i have to smartphones and it's redundant, but i like having service on one practically everywhere i travel and the windows mobile outlook is great since i can't be on two exchange servers with my bb (one is on BES) and it's free and doesnt require BES or redirector on my other account.

    This would really help me out at work and during my travels, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
    08-17-09 11:19 PM