1. Lex24's Avatar
    I'm looking for a charging station for 9320, similar to the one for 8300 discussed here:


    I had a charger like that for my 8830WE for the last ten years. It's built solid, it's heavy, it's sitting on the desk firmly in place, and it has an additional spare battery charging module at the back. You can quickly pick-up the phone to answer a call and then put the phone back in the charger in about one second.

    I have tried a simple charger shown below but it is unusable, it takes way too long to get the working USB connection:

    04-06-19 05:20 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Probably not going to find one like that... the 9320 was one of the later Curves made and BlackBerry stopped making those 'Charging stations' well before, they largely just released the sync pods by then.
    04-07-19 04:12 PM
  3. Lex24's Avatar
    The closest thing I could find is shown below:


    Here are some screenshots, in case the link above stops working:



    The charger is actually very solid and quite heavy, it won't move around the desk just because you touched USB cable. The magnet connector looks like a smart idea. You can pick up the phone to answer the call and then place it back in the charger in about one second, just like it was in the days of charging stations mentioned before. Even better, because you can do it in the complete darkness as the connector on the charger is illuminated.

    The only problem is that you need to place the phone with the keyboard facing the back of the charger. If you place the phone with the keyboard facing forward there is no connection and it just won't charge. At least that's how it works with BB9320 and the charger unit that I got. Also, the magnetic USB plug that you insert in the phone must be removed if you have an OEM leather case (ACC-46596-201) like the one shown below, the phone with the plug just won't fit in:

    04-14-19 04:08 AM

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