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    Hello everybody!

    I have purchased new 8900 device. In our local market RIM have no certificates for Wi-Fi and some encryptions - so, Wi-Fi and BB Messenger is totally disabled on device.

    Wi-Fi is not shown at all in connection manager.
    When i try to run BB Messenger - it writes that "This software disabled by IT Algorithm". But, there is no any IT policy on device.

    I'have tried many things, including upgrade of OS to 5.0 (at moment app, CrackUtil (Reset IT Policy), BBSAK, CrackIT and many other things.

    Thing is the same with device without sim card, after all resets - no policies from provider can come to device over the air...

    So, it is blocked inside... - Getting into view, that most of utilities tries to reset settings to factory defaults - it seems like this "blocks" are in factory settings.

    Also, i'm admin of BES server, so i created policy for me, with "enable" of Wi-Fi and BB messenger... Not working...

    So, how can i change factory settings - to enable Wi-Fi and BB Messenger? Any ideas?

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