1. fiona_shrek's Avatar
    Hi all

    My upgrade is available from this weekend, I currently have a curve 8320, this was my first BB and had made me certain that I will stay with blackberry

    I am seriously considering upgrading to the 8900 curve, however on some of the other forums they say that the build quality is not as good as the 8320.

    Can someone let me know what the build quality is like please and how easy it has been to change to the 8900

    09-02-09 06:25 AM
  2. lazerus's Avatar
    Get it and see the many posts in the forum that answers all u need to know. Go at least to page 2 or 3. Recent posts asking the same thing.

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    09-02-09 06:30 AM
  3. fatboy97's Avatar
    I've owned one of the first to be released in the US ways back in January... it's a solid device, and much better than the 8320 with a better camera, more memory, plus it has GPS.

    Go to a store and look it over for yourself... if you are not happy with it, then stay with your 8320.
    09-02-09 07:06 AM
  4. anitsh1202's Avatar
    Great phone.. my first bb.. very easy to use, impressively powerful..

    definitely worth a buy!!
    09-02-09 07:14 AM
  5. fiona_shrek's Avatar
    Thanks to you all for you're replies

    I am on the phone sorting it now

    Roll on saturday when my 8900 arrives!!
    09-02-09 07:22 AM