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    This may be a stupid question but I am having issues that warrant asking it. I have two Blackberry Phones one 8320 and one 8820. Last week I switched carriers from T-Mobile to AT&T. My 8820 was already an unlocked version I bought off e-bay. SO on advice from some forums here I downloaded the latest AT@T OS 4.50 image and tried to load it on that device. I got all sorts of ROM machine code errors and in the end JL_CMDER and other tools could not revive it, so I sent it back to where it came from.

    I then unlocked my 8320 and loaded the latest T-Mobile image for 4.5 and that went swell.

    The problem is I want the AT@T image with their apps on my phone.

    I do not want to end up with a nuked blackberry again like i did with the 8820. it seems there is proprietary code on some Carrier's blackberry devices that prevent wholesale swapping of the images between them.

    I do this in Europe with no problem, but am interested to hear what you folks have to say on the matter as it seems I have turned my new 8820 into a pile of junk trying to do this.
    09-16-09 12:35 PM
  2. tae_254's Avatar
    Before upgrading make sure that you delete the XML file from my computer-program files-common files-RIM. The att applications are service books that should be sent once an ATT sim card is placed in the phone and that ESN is activated with att's bis server.
    09-16-09 12:59 PM
  3. beardcracked's Avatar
    Vendor.xml right? Yeah I did not do this on the 8820, but did on the Curve. Sweet I will try that, Thx.
    09-16-09 01:05 PM
  4. tae_254's Avatar
    Yuh the Vendor.xml and No problem..
    09-16-09 01:05 PM
  5. Reed McLay's Avatar
    The issue is, each carrier has an internal brand in the BlackBerry. Applications Loader uses that information to select the carrier options to install on the device.

    For example, T-Mobile branded devices get the Favorite 5 application and AT&T get Push to Talk.

    It is a simple matter to defeat the branding and force the applications to the target device. John Clark has explained the process in detail in his Memory Management Thread.

    Losing Call Logs, SMS or Emails? Optimize your BB! How To Setup for max free memory! - BlackBerryForums.com : Your Number One BlackBerry Community

    Short verision, edit the file BlackBerry.alx to remove the brand selection code for the features and themes you want to install.
    09-16-09 01:57 PM