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    I receive email fine today, just can't send. When typing in the TO: field, the auto completion doesn't start. If I type it in fully, I have no Send in my Options, just Save as Draft. Tried batter pulls, resend service book, master radio reset, and diagnostic tools. No luck. Any ideas?

    EDIT: Read something about encryption, enabled it, rebooted, and then disabled it as it makes you use a password to unlock your phone, now all is well. I know believe there are Demons in my phone.
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    As there are demons in the network...

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    Well, it has happened again. So far one reboot hasn't fixed it. I guess I'll keep trying until it resets itself.

    I guess I've found myself an issue that no one else has, I'm feeling special

    Here's the odd thing though. From the home screen if I hit "C" to compose, it will let me pick and send, but if I want to add additional contacts it won't let me. Let's me send to one person that I selected.

    EDIT: I have now rebooted for the 4th time with no fix. Last time I toyed with security and it worked. This time I figured I'd just try reboots.
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